3 Essential Things To Know About Professional Teeth Whitening Services


Teeth whitening services are the most innovative method to beautify your smile, improve your dental health & enhance your confidence. 

With teeth whitening becoming a popular aesthetic treatment, you’ll find various options in the market. From over-the-counter home-based whitening kits, prescription-based whitening products to whitening toothpaste and professional teeth whitening services using lights that can be done at home or in-office with a qualified dentist. 

Get your teeth whitening and orthodontic dental treatment done by a professional dental clinic to get a flawless, glamorous natural smile.

Why Opt For Professional Teeth Whitening Services? 

Out of all these methods, an in-office professional teeth whitening service is the more beneficial and effective choice for your dental care. It does not just offer you an instantly visible outcome. But you get a customised treatment plan that is more efficient and safer than OTC or other home-based whitening products. 

When you opt for professional teeth whitening treatment, your dentist uses a specialised UV or LED light technology to speed up the teeth whitening process and reduce the wait time. 

The light functions as a catalyst by helping the bleaching agent break down the accumulated teeth stains without the usual adverse effects of dental bleaching ingredients (hydrogen peroxide and others). The quantity of the bleaching agent is controlled, and you can enjoy excellent results without affecting your teeth.

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LED Vs UV Whitening: Which One Should You Consider? 

Teeth whitening can be done by both UV light or LED light. However, UV light emits heat, and the rays can cause damage to your teeth, gums, lips, soft tissues inside your oral cavity, and even your eyes. Additionally, no supportive proof highlights that UV light can be more effective than LED in teeth whitening treatment.

Most reputed and established dental clinics use LED blue light technology for teeth whitening services. The blue light accelerates the process without any heat emission that can harm your soft tissues or tooth enamel. 

Additionally, unlike other dental treatments using veneers or crowns, LED blue-light teeth whitening is a non-invasive intervention. Therefore, the treatment is comparatively more affordable and leaves you with instantly whiter teeth in just a single dental appointment.

Is Teeth Whitening A Safe Treatment For Your Teeth?

Are you’re wondering whether the treatment is safe for your teeth or not? Let’s find out! 

Teeth whitening treatment can maintain healthy oral hygiene and clean teeth by breaking down the accumulated stain. However, the excessive or unregulated concentration of bleaching agents, especially hydrogen peroxide, for regular teeth cleaning is not advisable. 

Unsupervised or highly concentrated potent bleaching agents can considerably damage your teeth’ enamel. That can translate into increased tooth sensitivity and poor gum health.

If you get professional teeth whitening services from a qualified dentist, you will be offered a take-home whitening kit for teeth maintenance after your initial therapy at the clinic. It is a part of your after-care therapy. 

The dentist will give you a lower concentration of peroxide/ bleaching agent and a customised kit for an efficient and safe treatment.


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